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Joshsouza's News

Posted by Joshsouza - February 2nd, 2011

Hey guys, I managed to get a free copy of the Adobe Master Collection from a friend and it's amazing. I am starting t only use the opacity only in Photoshop drawings to make more details than smudging s that's great. I also have flash and all of the other Cs4 Adobe Programs.

Also, my birthday is in 2 days and I think I am mainly going to get art supplies this year. One thing that I want that I will get when I get a job is the Axiotron Modbook. It is a Macbook Tablet but it's only 800 dollars and it had a pretty generous screen and it can travel without having to be connected to a computer of some sort for traveling sketches. Sort of Like a sketchbook. That's about it for now.

One last note, I made a new painting.

Adobe Master Collection and Birthday

Posted by Joshsouza - November 24th, 2010

Yes, yes, I cannot even believe it myself but.. I got scouted. I didn't think this would ever happen and it came out of nowhere. I thought last year that when I was scouted, it would be awesome, but I have realized that It doesn't really matter. I mean all it is is a bit more publicity and all that. Anyways, I have been making lots of pencil animations or Traditional Animations and I need somebody to convert some to Flash since I don't have a copy of it so is there anybody that can help convert my animation, to Flash? It is already in WMV format. PM me please if you can help.

I have been getting lots of Traditional art supplies lately so I might just not do any Digital art in a while or until Christmas because I am going to be wanting an Intuos 4 and stuffs. Anyways, that's about it for now.

Posted by Joshsouza - September 12th, 2010

Well after a few weeks in my new flash trial, I have started to make a game, It was originally going to be the Dot Game two but I thought, " I should be more imaginable about this" so I changed the character to a Mug. named Mugsy. How original and the game has upgraded too, now there is a background, a mute button for the sound, a better level select screen, coins, spikes, mutants, doors with switches and levers, and much more so it will probably be out in a week or two now. I have also been getting A LOT BETTER at Traditional art, I deleted all of my bad ones again and I started using references, my newest one is a the bottom of this post.

I also finished making my comic so go to my website store and buy one for only 50 cents! Sorry for not posting for half a year.

Posted by Joshsouza - May 18th, 2010

Well as you probably see by now, I started making actual Traditional art with a real paintbrush and stuff and it's way easier than a mouse unless I have a tablet but I don't have one at the time so I go around making cool acrylic paintings that are kind of basic but i am practicing so that's good. I have like 6 pieces right now but I didn't really want to take photos of each but I AM going to post them on my DeviantART Page but that's all for now.

Posted by Joshsouza - May 6th, 2010

Hey guys can I invite you to Lockerz because I want to get z-list status and 36Holla said it was OK o have a post about referrals so just put in your e-mail in my PM box and I will invite you! Let me remind you that Lockerz is a website where you can earn points for watching videos and you use the points to go to the PTZ shop and get some really cool stuff there like mac books and lots of other electronics and brands so please just put your e-mails in the PM box and I will send you an invite to the website because you can't make an account if you didn't get invited!

Posted by Joshsouza - March 7th, 2010

I just got this book that shows me how to make my own web-comic on the internet and I am doing it now. The series is going to be called Pill-O-W and it is about this pillow that actually has some intelligence and escapes a little boy's house to get in touch with the world instead of having someone's head laying on his face. It is not going to be digital because it would probably screw it up more than drawing it with ink and pencil so there you go.

Posted by Joshsouza - February 17th, 2010

Sorry that it took so long but I didn't get flash but I am getting FL Studio so hopefully I will be making some music with it. There is other tools for animating for the internet but they are not available for publishing on New grounds. I might be getting Flash Later because my Dad's friend who is a a computer whiz has Photoshop and he let me have a copy of it and he might be able to have a copy of flash on him but I don't know.

Here's another big thing thing, the website is done! So go see it! It is updated every day when I am home and there are two blogs to catch up with all the stuff! www.boringtoawesome.com

Also there will be a piece of artwork this week from pixels and maybe something from Photoshop too so stay tuned for that. Rogersmax made two new art pieces this week and is making another too so go and check him out. Also, go to the Review Request Club if you want to review or make more. I think that is all but please check out the website!

Posted by Joshsouza - January 27th, 2010

Hay guys I made some new artwork and check out NOOBwithglasses because he said that he will start art soon but also is my birthday and I just want three things, guitar, amp, and adobe flash of course.

I have also started making Pixel art with MS Paint and it actually makes pretty decent stuff! Look at Evark's work for a demonstration. His stuff is made with MS Paint I think.

I will also make an animation with my characters, Billy and Todd, etc called story of adventures where they go on adventures into the unknown and crap. Oh yah, Billy is stupid. When I get some portions done with the animation, I will give you a link to what I have so far on Dumping Grounds. Other than that, well, that is it and also check out Rogersmax's art and he will be making a new one this month.

Posted by Joshsouza - January 16th, 2010

I am pretty sure you guys are thinking: Why are you making a new website if your website right now kicks ass? Well, that wasn't made fair and I kind of cheated making it because you only had to press a button to make something and now I have to press link and script everything and that isn't even COMPLEX to what Tom Fulp is doing here on Newgrounds right now! Well anyways, I am building mine from scratch so I feel like I have accomplished something and I got the Forums with a cool background, a game (I will post more!) Links and crap to my blog.... well anyways, when it is done, it will be in this url:

boringtoawesome.com (yay! no more .webs next to it anymore!)

I will still post videos because Youtube has the Embed feature which is pretty awesome and that us about it!

Posted by Joshsouza - January 10th, 2010

Can someone make a sign for my website that says "games" on it all fancy and artsy? It would be a big help.