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Rated 5 / 5 stars

How dare you. Upon watching this flash video file, my genitals exploded and there is now a 1-inch layer of semen covering all of the contents in my house. All I got was a gender change too. Thanks.

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SpeedoSausage responds:

nice way of saying ya liked it, i suppose

Bronies Bronies

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I loved this! The emotions and animation were spot on and it's a great and funny way to portray the "Brony" community. The animation was detailed and fluid, as the artwork and backgrounds. The humorous thing about this animation is that it is somewhat true. I have seen people who are in fact like this. I don't exactly see why some of the individuals on the review section are not realizing that you are targeting these kinds of people instead of the people who just keep it to themselves. Your satirical comedy truly shows on your animations and skits. The funny part about this animations is how this came true when the toys came out in "McDonalds" restaurants. The artwork at the end is humorous as well. This was very done. Thanks for making this!

Danger Global Warming Danger Global Warming

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I thought the flash was pretty neat but isn't there a thing on Youtube where it could re-size to full-screen because my eyes hurt from just looking at it at all because of all of the flashes. I thought it was pretty cool. the art was violent and already gave me a thought of this animation. You should try finding something that can reduce the file-size. I think there is some software online that can reduce the file-size of SWFS. that would be neat, although it still probably wouldn't be up-loadable.

Back to topic here, the animation was pretty smooth and the quick, flashy transition gave it feeling to it which was pretty nice although, I think the world would on resort to this if it was like, ran by the devil or something because people can't be that greed and ignorant... right? Plus I think people would learn in 100 years. But didn't that girl die like 3 times or something? I, myself enjoyed all the feeling coming from this flash and I do, understand the message too.

I really don't know why you have been so negative in your responses but whatever... I really enjoyed this one and I hope the next one can be, smaller in file size so it could be bigger. Overall I loved it.

~Review Request Club~


BruceKnox responds:








Sky And Earth Sky And Earth

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Review Request Club

Well there's not much to say about this but the audio was ok but the lip syncing was off a little bit and the art was very basic but I saw some potential into this thing but it's really too short for me to review at all but try to make the animation better and better artwork from maybe other artists but I couldn't really hear go really well but I guess you kind of tried on this so I gave you a four because I'm nice but please work more harder on your stuff!

~Review Request Club~


up-a-notch responds:

ok thanks i will

The Sketch Collab 2010 The Sketch Collab 2010

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Review Request Club

I thought there was lots of imagination in the whole thing and I loved it all but first to say, I personally liked MarkSW's stuff the best but here we go.

I thought the art was good but nice transition how it was all different people's style of it so I had nice feeling there but what happened to drawing on the loading screen? That would have been cool but nice hand cursor effect in the but I was also amazed at how fast you did this from last year's because I think 2009's was in December or something so good job getting it done really fast and trust me, If I had enough money to buy flash, I would enter this thing.

I don't think it was a good idea to include sound in some of them because it was hard to hear it with all of the music playing and such so try not to include sound in them next time and just keep it to the music but I still think that this was a very well done collab and I liked how some of the things turned into something else but it got repetitive soon so ty to keep them like different more because all of them looking the same and animated the same gets boring so try and mix it up a bit.

I thought the music was very fitting with the whole submission but like I said before, try to keep it with just the music but I guess it should be time to go to the overall.
I thought the whole thing was great and I have always been a fan of the sketchbook and the sketch collabs and all of the others so this was a great addition but I really loved it!

~Review Request Club~


21 Pains 21 Pains

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Review Request Club

I thought the whole thing was pretty funny itself and it was pretty sad that Fro had to do the woman voice but there were some things that could be improved in the whole thing but I did see potential in this itself so I guess I will start now.

I thought the voice acting was OK but it's not really your fault that Fro's girlfriend had something else to do in that time but the rest of it was just the song in it but I think some sound effects would be cool like the gunshots because it sounded pretty weird without it so I guess that would help a bit in this.

I think the art was OK but kind of sloppy itself but the background needed more details in it because it is just a brown room with two people in it and some flashing light thing in other colors. The animation wasn't really that good like the lip-syncing that needed more work and the blood thing needed more things in it and the guy didn't even move when he got shot which is pretty weird so work on the animation because the only animation was the gun shots, the blood, and the lights of course.

Overall I think this needs more work but I gave it an 8 because it was pretty funny so I think you should just work on these.

~Review Request Club~


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MonoFlauta responds:

thanks a lot for the review. yeah for the next one (dont know what will be) i will put more effort in the background and sounds effects and i think that fro making female voice is funnier than a real girl making female voice dont know :p its my opinion.

Thanks for reviewing :D

SHIT! Redux SHIT! Redux

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Review Request Club

This was really sick but I liked about everything in it so I guess I can start now:

Art 10/10

I thought the art was really good in this one and it was pretty cool and nice job with the backgrounds and the shading but try to get the mouth and teeth a bit better because they looked kind of weird but I loled when granny came in shitting but what really gave you this sick and twisted idea in your head because I am sure I would have barfed if this was in eal life.

Animation 10/10

I thought the animation was crisp and clear and fluid which was really good and I see that you have fixed the lip sync which was good and the camera moving in on the guy's dick was just plain hilarious and I would love to see this stuff happen in real life but wtf was with everyone at the table shitting on a plate?

Audio 10/10

I thought the voice acting was great and I would to hear this again and this is fun to watch over and over again because it's so original and disgusting, it's funny! But to get beck on topic, I thought the mario thing near the end was pretty witty and fit in with the moment and the background music was just perfect for this so there's a nice 10 for the audio.

Overall 9/10

I thought this was pretty funny and good job on the nice and shiny award you got there but just try to fix the mouth on the people because it looks a bit weird in my opinion so keep up the good work!

~Review Request Club~


Cunt Burgers Cunt Burgers

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Review Request Club

Well first of all, I am only reviewing this because it was requested and I need more stat points and I know you will just say something like "eat my dick" or call me a n***** or just tell me "fuck you" so just remember that I don't like this eaither and I am not really gonna be pissed at trolling.

ART 4/10

The art was OK I guess but generally needed more work like fixing the eyes a bit and try getting some better backgrounds. but It could look really nice if you tried so just think about that when you are drawing. But at least not sticks.


the animation needed a bit more work too like try using more techniques then fbf because Eddsworld got good by mostly tweening but just don't use it that much ok? Maybe try to make them at different angles or something like that/


I believe the story needed a bit more work because it sounded like some kind of 5 year old would write but is that the joke of it or something? Please also spend more effort onto it because if you took your time, it could come out good. Just don't really rush it as much.


I think this could be pretty good if you improved the art and animation a bit and maybe took some more time and effort onto this because it seems like it is rushed or you are doing this for shits and giggles.

-Joshsouza (Let the trolling begin)

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TheReturnOfTomsPulp responds:

You are a bellend

CoolJaw: T.T. I-V CoolJaw: T.T. I-V

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Review Request Club

I think by far this is one of the best and goriest episode you have ever out on the series so I will start

ART 9/10

I thought the art was good but I think you should have worked on the blood a bit and put more colors into the blood because it looked kind of noob but the splatter was good. I really liked the drawing in this one but try to clean it up a bit more.

AUDIO 10/10

The audio went well with this flash because it had the creepy sounds like some kind of horror movie and the whole effect with the sound on the first three panels with the comic select screen was really cool and I am glad that you didn't use the same audio as the first series.

STORY 10/10

This is the best part about it but why didn't that guy just choose not to do and just die instantly instead of a weekly torture and wouldn't he have dies of blood loss in it at all? He must have looked pretty crazy after that week.


It looks like you put a lot of effort into it considering that it probably has below 500 frames in the whole thing and it is a cool comic that you're making but you should try to make it into a printed book.


I see lots of improvement since the first episode and the storyline is getting better and better in it and I hope this goes on like this episode because it is pretty neat.

(RRC signature at top) -Joshsouza

Celx-Requin responds:

Oh there's a reason why he does what he did, I'm keeping it pretty close to the chest but you'll find out in III!

Thanks for the review I appreciate it!
- Celx

Sandwiches Meets a Hindu Sandwiches Meets a Hindu

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Review Request Club

I found this flash pretty funny and enjoyable to watch and there was only a couple flaws so I will start.

ART 8/10

I say the art is better than usual flashes but it needs a but more work like making less straight nines and just making it free like HotDiggedyDemon's work how it's kind of like yours but he improved it a bit so work on that.

AUDIO 9/10

I gotta say the audio was pretty good and it had very good voice acting in it but at first I thought there as something wrong with my headphones because I was just wondering if he was talking or not until I heard the background a little bit more on it then the rest was fine.


I looks like you spent some time and effort on it because it actually made me chuckle other than the others that just puts a smile on my face but that was pretty good for a little short.


the lip syncing was done well and I really liked how everything was kind of moving.


I really liked the whole thing in this animation and I would look forward to seeing more of this but just work on your art and animation a little.