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Rated 5 / 5 stars

How dare you. Upon watching this flash video file, my genitals exploded and there is now a 1-inch layer of semen covering all of the contents in my house. All I got was a gender change too. Thanks.

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SpeedoSausage responds:

nice way of saying ya liked it, i suppose

Bronies Bronies

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I loved this! The emotions and animation were spot on and it's a great and funny way to portray the "Brony" community. The animation was detailed and fluid, as the artwork and backgrounds. The humorous thing about this animation is that it is somewhat true. I have seen people who are in fact like this. I don't exactly see why some of the individuals on the review section are not realizing that you are targeting these kinds of people instead of the people who just keep it to themselves. Your satirical comedy truly shows on your animations and skits. The funny part about this animations is how this came true when the toys came out in "McDonalds" restaurants. The artwork at the end is humorous as well. This was very done. Thanks for making this!

Danger Global Warming Danger Global Warming

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I thought the flash was pretty neat but isn't there a thing on Youtube where it could re-size to full-screen because my eyes hurt from just looking at it at all because of all of the flashes. I thought it was pretty cool. the art was violent and already gave me a thought of this animation. You should try finding something that can reduce the file-size. I think there is some software online that can reduce the file-size of SWFS. that would be neat, although it still probably wouldn't be up-loadable.

Back to topic here, the animation was pretty smooth and the quick, flashy transition gave it feeling to it which was pretty nice although, I think the world would on resort to this if it was like, ran by the devil or something because people can't be that greed and ignorant... right? Plus I think people would learn in 100 years. But didn't that girl die like 3 times or something? I, myself enjoyed all the feeling coming from this flash and I do, understand the message too.

I really don't know why you have been so negative in your responses but whatever... I really enjoyed this one and I hope the next one can be, smaller in file size so it could be bigger. Overall I loved it.

~Review Request Club~


BruceKnox responds:








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Elite Elite

Rated 5 / 5 stars

absolute bloody shit mate

Initial Imagine Initial Imagine

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I think this game has a pretty solid engine, however, there were quite a lot of things that bugged me. First was the long pauses in dialogue. They are not needed, they just make you want the dialogue to end more quickly. Second was the walking speed. It's insanely slow and makes progression really monotonous. You could fix this by adding a run button. Third was the graphics. I guess I'm not the sort of person to critique this but they could have used better contrast and maybe a bit more color. The in-battle spites were very lazily upscaled as well. The battle system is pretty impressive. However, it severely lacks an escape button for how often you are going to get into a random battle.

It's a nice engine, but could be pretty refined, so I give it 3/5 stars.

mixceed responds:

Thank you Joshsouza. I really appreciate the time you took in playing our game and writing your comments up. This is a engine we look forward to fine tune with feedback.

- I am grateful that you mentioned the pause part in the dialogue, as it does affect flow.
- We hope to increase the walking speed in the next update or adding a run button like you and others have suggested.
- The escape is done through pressing shift in the attack commands to find it because I wanted to emulate how Final Fantasy 7 was done. But we see now how that isn't a very good idea, and should just add an escape button instead.

Once again, thank you for your suggestions.

Turn-Based Game Attempt Turn-Based Game Attempt

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Nice Animation

This sort of looks like it could turn into something great. The engine is fine but the layout is very sloppy. I love the animation when attacking but there's no running or walking animation sequence, instead, the character just moves to the right or left without moving this feet. This has potential for a future game but I think you already discussed the main bug in this.

The art is fine but when you are going to officially make the game, try making the layout looks less sloppy because right now the buttons are un-aligned like you did it in 3 minutes. Try not to use the default font too because it looks very un-professional. if you need an extra artist too, PM me... because I am bored. the game engine is decent but has some known bugs to it which you explained.

Overall, the test is pretty nice. Contact me when the game is finished.

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.:Groovin' High:. .:Groovin' High:.

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Niiiiiiiicccceeee Dawg.

The beats and the drums were I think the best part of this song and would be very suiting for a video game, maybe a forest level. Just saying. The beats were nice and the keyboard was awesome, coming in with a whole different thing. Very unique, and all made on 2 hours. Great use of your time I would say. I think it needs more beats to it and maybe longer because some of it seemed very empty in a way.

I think the bass line at the beginning was a very great way to start it then gradually going up in instruments oh so normally. Overall, it's great and deserves more attention maybe for just a 2 minute song or beat. I say to extend it and use rhythm and beat to mix it up! Nice work.

~Review Request Club~


camoshark responds:

Great comment, I like!

Happy to see you enjoy. I should probably extend it one day, seeing how much good feedback I got out of it!

Samuel h├ębert

--Cold Misty Morning-- --Cold Misty Morning--

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I thought that this was an ok beat but you should have sang with the song so It made it seem less empty because some of it sounds the same. You should also make it longer with more things in it too but this is the first Newgrounds song that I had heard without a loop in a while. The beat was good but put more things in the background because it's kind of empty like it needs something. I dont know what else I can say about this but, I will give you an overall review:

The beats were good but the thing was empty, it needs more things added to it. I think that is all.

~Review Request Club~


spartacusxerox responds:

Yeah, I'm trying to make it a lot more filled out without making it seem to busy. Muchly appreciate your opinion, glad to hear encouraging feedback on this one, and lots of it. Thanks for your review, man :D


_Inspiration_ _Inspiration_

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Another Awesome Song

It's been a while since I last reviewed your work and I am very impressed (again) and it would actually really fit a little pixel game or some thing like the angel islands in Sonic Advance or something but you did a really amazing job with this one. I don't exactly know how this would really inspire people because it sounds weird not to be rude or anything. I DID look at the comments on top of me though.

I think you should work on making it a little more exciting or maybe put more instruments into it but it was still amazing and it would make much difference if you did anyways so it's pretty much fine the way it is right now but this song would work great if you were just walking around and just listening to music but it makes me thing of this like, future downtown city of some sort.

Don't stop making music because you are great at it.

~Review Request Club~


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Birdinator99 responds:

Good points, mate. Thanks for listening, and don't worry, I'm not done yet.

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The small Island The small Island

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Too empty

I think the island it quite boring and too cliche. The water looks a bit.... trippy... But I like the shading you put on the sand and the tree leaves. Although, it is WAY too empty. Maybe putting two stranded people out there with a crashed boat? Maybe mountains or something? Maybe at least put clouds in the sky. Just search up "islands" in google images or something and maybe that will give you an idea because I think this is as basic as you are going to get unless you draw a circle with a white background.

Spend more time and effort into it, I see that you have used value to make waves... or ocean.. or something. Maybe make just the island boring and make the sea big and exciting with lots of fish and creatures and rock formations.. for old irony's sake. You have the skill, just make something with a bit more life in it.

~ Review Request Club~


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Yesterday Afternoon Yesterday Afternoon

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I think this is a very good abstract painting with a nice style to it. I am mostly getting details for what happened by looking at the author's comments lol but I really like the flow of many random shapes and colors although I have no idea what the tiles at the front and end are supposed to be unless it's like the inside and outside of a building. I don't really know.

I think the colors are the best part of this piece in all but I really don't what you should work on because it not only looks beautiful, but keeps me to like abstract art. Keep at it. You seem to be a lot better at abstract art than realistic pieces.

Hacsev responds:

Thank you. Where I come from houses have ironwork on their facade, which is what you call tiles.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Needs more effort.

It;s been a while since I reviewed anything so I may as well start here: You should get a better art program like I have mentioned and maybe a tablet. The tablet I use only costs 70 dollars but I would recommend getting this free software called Gimp because it suits your style.

I would spend more time and effort onto this because The "NG" letters or abbreviations look very uneven and sloppy. maybe add more color even though the NG theme is orange and black. Be creative! Just keep practicing too! Maybe try starting on paper and making sketches like I did, then after I got good with sketching and traditional, I got myself a tablet. It came with a very good software too. Just try and make pencil drawings or mainly traditional and maybe scan them. if you don;t have a scanner, then take a VERY GOOD PICTURE or else...

Like I said before, be creative! I know MS Paint is hard to be creative with but there is a whole art thread that makes art out of MS Paint and they look amazing! Just practice and keep trying.