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The small Island The small Island

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Too empty

I think the island it quite boring and too cliche. The water looks a bit.... trippy... But I like the shading you put on the sand and the tree leaves. Although, it is WAY too empty. Maybe putting two stranded people out there with a crashed boat? Maybe mountains or something? Maybe at least put clouds in the sky. Just search up "islands" in google images or something and maybe that will give you an idea because I think this is as basic as you are going to get unless you draw a circle with a white background.

Spend more time and effort into it, I see that you have used value to make waves... or ocean.. or something. Maybe make just the island boring and make the sea big and exciting with lots of fish and creatures and rock formations.. for old irony's sake. You have the skill, just make something with a bit more life in it.

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Yesterday Afternoon Yesterday Afternoon

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I think this is a very good abstract painting with a nice style to it. I am mostly getting details for what happened by looking at the author's comments lol but I really like the flow of many random shapes and colors although I have no idea what the tiles at the front and end are supposed to be unless it's like the inside and outside of a building. I don't really know.

I think the colors are the best part of this piece in all but I really don't what you should work on because it not only looks beautiful, but keeps me to like abstract art. Keep at it. You seem to be a lot better at abstract art than realistic pieces.

Hacsev responds:

Thank you. Where I come from houses have ironwork on their facade, which is what you call tiles.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Needs more effort.

It;s been a while since I reviewed anything so I may as well start here: You should get a better art program like I have mentioned and maybe a tablet. The tablet I use only costs 70 dollars but I would recommend getting this free software called Gimp because it suits your style.

I would spend more time and effort onto this because The "NG" letters or abbreviations look very uneven and sloppy. maybe add more color even though the NG theme is orange and black. Be creative! Just keep practicing too! Maybe try starting on paper and making sketches like I did, then after I got good with sketching and traditional, I got myself a tablet. It came with a very good software too. Just try and make pencil drawings or mainly traditional and maybe scan them. if you don;t have a scanner, then take a VERY GOOD PICTURE or else...

Like I said before, be creative! I know MS Paint is hard to be creative with but there is a whole art thread that makes art out of MS Paint and they look amazing! Just practice and keep trying.

Doubles13- First Contact Doubles13- First Contact

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I thought the piece was really cool with all of the colors but I think the buildings could of used more detail but the ships and the death ray was amazingly detailed and the marks it left on the street. The shadow effects with the lights are a good thing too and this looks like you took a long time to make this when it's in full-size. I think if you added text and captions to it, then it would make a great b-movie poster for that contest thing on the forums and such. This is kind of a different style of than you normally do and you did great on it. I think you should get the trial of Photoshop because if you have mastered Gimp art, then you can conquer Photoshop. That's all I have to say.

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Mabelma responds:

Thanks for such a great review but this wasn't all completely done by me, all of the coloring was done by Re2demmer so he pretty much deserves all of this recognition you are giving him but thanks . Keep in mind this was a collab between two artist .

Japanese Wolf Japanese Wolf

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Looks like Vector!

Well this is really good but did you use a fie point pen because that would have taken up a whole lot of ink there but back to subject, the edges look crisp and smooth like some vector art and I wouldn't be surprised if it was vector art. Anyways, the right paw looked different because it isn't all filled in like the rest of his body so try and fix that.

I am glad that you didn't add any color into it because that would ruin the whole "Japanese" effect on it all and it would just look ugly and such so good call on that.

I think you should keep up these kinds of drawings because you are good with the edges and all of that, but fix up that right paw a bit and it will be perfect. You have my word for it.

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MonoFlauta responds:

ok, thanks a lot for the review :D

Cold Symbol Cold Symbol

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Review Request Club

Well I thought this was pretty well done but with it zoomed out like this, it just looks like you messed around in Art Rage for like 5 minutes until I zoomed in and saw all of the details in it but how BIG is your compute screen because it's pretty big to me really! But it would have been better with different colors because the blue background and the just frost thing gets sort of boring to me.

Well I would work on putting more details into this because a symbol isn't exactly the best thing unless it has something else into it but it looks like some sort of Japanese writing but what do I know about that? I only write English! Well with everything zoomed out, it looks like the clear marks on the brush strokes make it look shining when zoomed out a bit! Well I guess I will go to the overall score now.

Well like I said, try using different colors and try to completely fill the strokes because I learned in this review that things are not always what they seem but in this case, that mean that you need to have it zoomed in a bit more but keep trying!

~Review Request Club~


HeavyTank responds:

Haha, I don't know Japanese, I just came up with this...I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist :D

Punky Face Punky Face

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Review Request Club

Well I see how this came from a real tattoo but anyways nice job not putting a background in because it would ruin the whole tattoo effect on the whole piece but anyways, I thought the thing was very detailed but I think you need to take a better quality of photo or something because it is hard to closely see the details in some of it but anyways, good job on the details on this thing too by the way and the some sort of shading at all that you put into this.

I really liked this however it was a little different from your others that you have made. But the gleam in the punk's eye was a really cool effect and the mouth was the most important part too. but anyways, there's not much to be said so now I will give you an overall of what I think of this.

Well good job on this but I have seen better though but try to make the picture quality better and try all of the things I have said before okay?

~Review Request Club


P.S. You Rock My World P.S. You Rock My World

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Review Request Club

Well I thought this was really weird but I didn't see much relevance to Sandshrew and trust me I have played a Pokemon game before but why is it called "PS. Your rock my world?" but I'm guessing that a gijinka is a pokemon in human form or something.

Well you did a good job on the shading and I know why you don't have a background so I won't critique on that I guess but good color scheme for the pokemon since he is pretty much golden but what's with the ear jacks and the cigarette because it doesn't really make sense but I think you did a nice job on the detailing too like the hair and the other stuff.

Well I think the legs are way too skinny so I think you should beef that up a bit there. But what is with the gloves too? But I think it is time to go to the overall score right about now,

I thought this was ok but just try to beef up the legs a bit but that pretty much it.

~Review Request Club~


Aigis responds:

The headphones are supposed to represent Sandshrew's ears. The cigarette is because Sandshrew is badass. The gloves represent Sandshrew's claws.

And it's called 'P.S. You Rock My World', because you truly do.

Mini Mischief Mini Mischief

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Review Request Club

Well nice job on this one and it makes lots of sense that you were put in the dragons group on DeviantART but what's your username? I want to follow you on Deviantwach! Sorry but that sounded wrong but here goes the review.

I saw some resemblance from that dragon's head to a human face for some reason but yeah, it just makes me think what the heck that is but nice idea altogether but you should try to board a bit more detailed because it looks pretty generic to me but this looks like it could have a story to go along with it.

The colors were used well in the right ares like the shading and the wood and the shading was fantastic too and the wing looked really nice too so good job on that too but I have to say this is pretty original because I always imagine dragons to be huge creatures that can eat you whole but why can't the dragon just burn somebody's hand a little? lol. Well here is the overall:

Well overall great job and nice piece but this isn't one of my favorites really but really good job on this but never stop drawing because you have a talent so great job!

~Review Request Club~


EchoRun responds:

My Deviant art ID is Shadowjewel. :)

I would have liked more detail too but the week time limit did, well, limit me.

And in my head dragons range from mice to mountains in size, so room for lots of variation. :P

Inxdemia Inxdemia

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Review Request Club

I think this looks like something I would draw when I get drunk but I didn't realize that this was notebook paper until I saw the bottom because the whole paper was pretty much covered but I think you did a really nice job with this whole thing really.

I couldn't really tell what most of the stuff was but that is creative I guess but there's not much bad things to say about this since it was because you were just bored as crap but try not to spam the art portal with just doodles because trust me, it happened to me but I think I am exaggerating since this is your only kind of doodling piece but yeah, nice work on this. Well there's not much to say about this really so I will just go onto the overall score.

Well I thought this was well drawn and trust me, I do this too but you do it better than me but I can't really review that you didn't color it because you only had one pen but good piece but don't always take may word for it because I always review things generously.

~Review Request Club~


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MonoFlauta responds:

"I think this looks like something I would draw when I get drunk"

hahaha well i was in biology, math, etc... it is similar the confussion haha

"I think you did a really nice job with this whole thing really."

Great thanks :P

"Well I thought this was well drawn and trust me, I do this too but you do it better than me but I can't really review that you didn't color it because you only had one pen but good piece but don't always take may word for it because I always review things generously."

Didnt get if it was good or not lol

Thanks anyway!